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Incan Treasures Button Up

Incan Treasures Button Up

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Description: Incan Treasures feature stunning works of art depicting the best of Peruvian culture, music, and food. Also, as part of our 7-SEAS™ Button Up collection, this shirt has all the greatest attributes, incredibly soft, durable, and wrinkle-resistant fabric, Baja Llama's trademark side travel zip pocket, sustainable corozo nut buttons, and a bevy of details that make this shirt a classic you'll keep in your rotation for years!

Print: Ceviche, Flutes, Llamas, and Pisco, AKA the beginner's guide to summing up Peru on a shirt. Seriously though, this print is a hand-crafted masterpiece. Each element was hand drawn by our resident artist Astrid in Mexico and digitally remastered by Richard Court in pastel shades of native Incan colors. Look closely at the details and you'll get a glimpse of the magic that Peru offers anyone who steps foot on her majestic soil.

Regular - True To Size Fit / Not Too Boxy & Not Too Slim.

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