Collection: Fringe Scarves

Fringe Scarves were created to inspire people to Stick Their Necks Out and Tie One On. While you are marking things off your bucket list, take your basic outfit and go beyond comfortable... make it edgier and more fun!

All of our scarves are 100% silk so they are all natural, breathable and warm in the winter and cool enough for a warm day. They are made to be worn to a formal event, the yoga studio, to a concert, your kids baseball game, the arena, the board room or for a morning run or hike.  Layers create depth and an interesting look, so swap out a necklace for a Fringe Scarf and create a new look.

A word on sizing... Fringe Scarves come in either the Shorty, 26"x26" or the Long-Tall, 35"x35".

I hope you enjoy your Fringe Scarves and thank you for stopping by!