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Water Hyacinth Handwoven Wine Bag / Gift Bottle Holder

Water Hyacinth Handwoven Wine Bag / Gift Bottle Holder

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Dimensions: Width 3.5", Height 14.5"

 Materials: 100% Water Hyacinth

 Crafted with careful attention, it can be used as a wine bag for convenient transport. An ideal item for those seeking both functionality and aesthetic in one package. - Handwoven from natural hyacinth, our basket is not only beautiful but also supports eco-friendly practices. By choosing our product, you contribute towards sustainable living and environment preservation. Tonkok by PukKok is a group of local artisans from Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. The group started with 60 members, focusing on making small souvenir pieces. With a mixture of tradition weaving techniques and modern design, they transformed local materials into remarkable home decor pieces and accessories.

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